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ART 3004: Multimedia Syllabus  
ART 3062/5062: 2D Animation Syllabus Student Work
    The framework for an interactive website
ART 3075: The Spanish Experience: Creating Art - Spain Syllabus
ART 3998: Senior Project Syllabus Student Work
    A video created for an installation
ART 4076/5076: Artists Video Syllabus Student Work
    Made in response to the "Place" assignment, this is a stop motion piece
ART 4095/5095: Advanced Digital Seminar Syllabus
ART 4495: Independent Study (3D Animation)   Student Work
    A short clip, with 3 camera-angles, from a drama using chess pieces as the main characters
COMM 1001: Intro to Communication Studies Syllabus
COMM 2050: Intro to Digital Media Production Syllabus Student Work
    A linear video made in film noir style
COMM 3998: Final Project Syllabus Student Work
    3 examples: a commercial and 2 experimental documentaries
COMM 4025: Advanced Topics in TV/Video Syllabus
CSCI S-24: Video Field Production Syllabus Student Work
    a short drama with thoughtful camerawork shot in a grocery store
CSCI S-26: 2D Animation for Artists Syllabus Student Work
A short animation that comes to life