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  The New Me , 2004, 6 minutes 12 seconds Jumps and Failures, 2004, 10 minutes 45 sec  

In the performance piece “Jumps and Failures” I explore my own struggle with the common obsession women have with appearance, physical fitness, and weight.  Producing a series of endurance performances in the tradition of Vito Acconci’s “Step Piece”, I push my body to physical exhaustion to explore the extremes that I am willing to go to in order to control my body.

In a similar vein, for “The New Me” I chronicle the changes that my body undergoes over several weeks as I am exercising regularly.  My changing measurements are recited by a robotic voice, further calling attention to the harsh judgment that I subject myself to.  In the end the tried and true fact is revealed: there are some things about myself that I can change, there are some that I cannot.  It’s simply a struggle against the self.