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  20 Minutes With You, 2007, 29 seconds  
  30 Minutes With You, 2008, 51 seconds    
  40 Minutes With You, 2008, 20 seconds    

Home - Statement – Christine Dehne

In the series "Home," which includes the videos "20 Minutes with You," "30 Minutes with You," and "40 Minutes with You," I explore mundane, repetitive activities using a very formal approach. Allowing the camera to remain still and editing the repeated activity together to form a loop I hope to draw attention to slight movements, allowing the movements to appear more intended, to receive the attention due to something that was choreographed. These particular mundane activities are those of my dog, and this series chronicles the addition of my boyfriend (now husband) to our household.

This project was shown in Baltimore in 2008 in a show titled "In Home: In Response"